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Meaning of the name

I am glad in translation from the gypsy "cheerful".


Little Rada is a quiet and calm, extremely intelligent and quick-witted girl. She is not quick-tempered, but she will not give herself offense, and she will not defend herself by crying or screaming, if she does not hit the offender, then at least she will bite or scratch.

Rada has an excellent memory, so she usually studies well at school, grasps everything literally on the fly. In the team she keeps aloof, she can rarely be seen at a disco or a noisy party, since large companies are not for her. Rada loves to dream alone and can sit for hours, gazing into the distance with a thoughtful gaze.

She is an inventor and a dreamer, parents should only make sure that their daughter knows how to clearly distinguish between the fairy world created by her imagination and a much more prosaic reality.

The adult Rada is very smart, well-read, a very interesting conversationalist, and she herself has a special predilection for extraordinary people. A creative person, often subject to mood swings - from violent joy to the deepest depression. It is in this state that she can be offended to tears for a trifle, which she will not even remember, having come to balance.

Rada can master any profession, since it has a well-developed intellect and intuition, but its most close attention is attracted by professions associated with a detailed analysis of any problem.

Glad does not tolerate understatement, likes to dig to the smallest detail, which is why it seems a bit boring. However, if you need to draw up a business plan, the boss will definitely turn to Rada - she will not miss anything.


She is glad to be charming, attractive, and not so much by external beauty as by her cheerfulness and ease of attitude to complex problems. She is extremely temperamental, in sex she is simply insatiable.

Rada seeks to know as many men as possible, firstly out of curiosity, and secondly, in order to get a great sexual experience and be able to compare and choose a partner in the future. She can satisfy her insatiable desire only if she is true to nature and does not bind herself with ethical and social norms.

Abstinence acts on Rada depressingly - deprived of communication with the opposite sex Rada can fall into depression. The most demanding of a partner is Rada, born in December. This multi-orgasmic woman prefers oral sex, is able to deliver maximum pleasure to her partner.

She is proud of her body and does her best to look attractive and stay in good shape. Even in old age, she remains a cheerful and temperamental woman, since she has inexhaustible vital energy, is able to direct her to various areas of activity.

In bed, Rada is a virtuoso, she is completely liberated, capable of giving pleasure to her partner, she can make love in any conditions and for as long as she wants.

When she gets married, she can have a lover, and more than one. This does not at all mean that her husband does not satisfy her, it is just that Rada longs for new impressions and new experiences, which she successfully uses in love games with her husband, who is always in the foreground.

Rada's sexual adventures serve only to seek variety in sexual satisfaction and will never break existing family ties. She is able to separate sex from love.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The word Rada gives the impression of something good, courageous, cheerful, fast.


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