Thirteenth week of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - 8-10 cm, weight - 25-30 g.

From this week, the active growth of the child begins, lasting up to 24 weeks. By the end of 21 weeks, it will be only a third of the total length of the baby, whereas now it is about half.

By the time of birth, the child's body will be 4/5 of its total size, and the head - only 1/5. The adult proportion is 7/8 to 1/8 respectively.

The placenta takes over all the functions of feeding the baby and supplying him with oxygen, as well as the production of the hormones progesterone and estrogen. Therefore, pregnant women usually end with toxicosis. The weight of the placenta this week is about 30 grams.

The placenta transfers oxygen to the baby that the mother breathes, nutrients from her food, and protective substances from the immune system. In appearance, the placenta resembles a pancake saturated with blood vessels, from which the umbilical cord departs.

The mother's blood passes through the umbilical cord to the child, and in the opposite direction, unnecessary waste of the baby is removed, which is rejected by the amniotic fluid.

The baby's eyes are not yet open - the eyelids close them completely. But the baby grows teeth. Yes, already at this age all 20 milk teeth are laid, although at birth they will not be visible. In addition, the formation of taste buds in the mouth is completed.

Special villi appear in the intestines, which help to digest food. The pancreas is also trying - it already produces insulin.

Muscles are gradually built up, the child more actively rotates his head, moves his arms. The kid "invents" another reflex - sucking. Now, if he already has long enough handles, he can suck on his thumb.

This week, his genitals are finally forming. In the boy, the genital tubercle lengthens and forms the penis, and in the girl, the clitoris. The sex of the child can already be clearly distinguished on ultrasound.

Future mom

If you have not done a double test and an ultrasound of the neck area (see 11 week), then you still have 6 days left when it can be done, later the test data will become inaccurate.

Morning sickness is a thing of the past in most women. The most golden time of pregnancy begins - the second trimester. Indeed, toxicosis is gone, fears of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities are almost gone, the tummy begins to grow, but still does not reach such large dimensions as in recent months, and the woman finally feels really pregnant.

Now you can allow yourself to relax a little until the 16th week, when the next stage of testing is ahead, and evaluate the changes that are happening to you.

So, the waist is already fat, as you might have noticed earlier. The change in waist circumference is influenced not only by body fat, but mainly by an increase in the uterus. Therefore, many women even lose weight, judging by the weight, but despite this, their waist continues to grow steadily.

The uterus has now grown to 10 cm wide and 13 cm high and has emerged into the abdominal cavity. It becomes more and more soft, it is easy to stretch it, so the child is comfortable and comfortable in it. You can control the condition of your uterus yourself by gently feeling it every day with your hands (it is located behind the anterior abdominal wall).

If you feel that the uterus is stiff and tense, then you have increased tone. It is worth lying in bed, rest and relax, if possible. Call your doctor if you experience discomfort or pain. Just in case, have a No-shpa or MagneB6 on hand, but still consult your doctor before taking them.

Your breasts have grown fat and your favorite bras are no longer suitable for you. Prepare for the fact that by the end of pregnancy, each breast will weigh between 400 and 800 g (if your breasts were in sizes A and B before pregnancy).

Not only does the fullness change, but also the shape of the breast. This is why women are advised to wear maternity bras designed specifically for expectant mothers. They are more expensive than ordinary ones, but they are very convenient in them. They also help prevent stretch marks and veins that often occur during pregnancy.

In many women, the areola around the nipple darkens to brown and even reddish-brown, and so-called "Montgomery tubercles" appear. This prepares the breasts for future feeding.

In the second trimester (some earlier, some later), the breast begins to excrete colostrum, especially when it experiences additional effects (massage, nipple irritation, sexual arousal, etc.).

The appearance of stretch marks (striae) will be an unpleasant surprise. These are red stripes on the belly, hips, chest. Some women are lucky and don't have stretch marks. Fighting this phenomenon is useless, even if you are promised in advertising a wonderful effect from lotion or cream.

However, cosmetic products are always at least somewhat useful for the skin. If they do not relieve you of stretch marks, the skin will have a healthy look, it will become smooth and soft. So decide for yourself what to buy and for what money.

We remind you of what is harmful.

- it is harmful to overwork (including at work). It's time to talk to your employer that you are pregnant (see the article on 14 weeks of pregnancy for the intricacies and legal details of this conversation).

- It is harmful to wear tight clothes, especially those that squeeze your waist. When in the old days ladies were fond of strongly tightened corsets, children often appeared with congenital anomalies of the bones of the skeleton and head, or the mother provoked a miscarriage. Now, of course, we do not wear corsets, but squeezing in the waist area for a pregnant tummy is not useful, and it is terribly tiring.

- It is harmful to consume caffeinated products. Scientists claim that 4 cups of coffee a day leads to the birth of a child with reduced weight and a small head or with a tendency to asthma. Many believe there is a link between coffee and miscarriages. Try to limit yourself, even if you are a "coffee and chocolate addict". At least make yourself a weaker coffee.

- it is harmful to carry out X-ray examinations, tomography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Only in exceptional cases associated with a serious illness of the mother is it permissible to deviate from the rules and expose the baby to harmful radiation and vibrations.

12 weeks - 13 weeks - 14 weeks

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