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The Vitalievichs are solid, strong natures. They are very purposeful, decisive, even categorical, not allowing others to indulge themselves. These men are principled, desperate debaters, but the art of debate is often elevated simply to the rank of talent.

The Vitalievichs are often considered arrogant, based on great pride, bordering on arrogance. In the professional aspect, the enormous hard work of these men, their sharp mind are appreciated.

The Vitalievichs prefer not to weave intrigues, but to act directly, going ahead. And, I must say, such their efforts, energy and force of influence are crowned with success.

The Vitalievichs' lack of communication prevents them from making many friends. Those who are still around, having studied the character of a friend, are condescending to his shortcomings and character.

The Vitalievichs arouse interest in women, but more for their bright appearance than for their liveliness of mind and sense of humor. Marriage is preferred for convenience, and accordingly they are very picky about the choice of the future spouse.

The Vitalievichs try to make their wife know how to do everything - to wash, cook, clean ... They themselves do not like to do housework, but they are happy to work with children.

These women give the impression of being withdrawn and uncommunicative. They are introverts, keep everything to themselves, prefer solitude in large companies.

So at work - they prefer to do most of it themselves. Probably, Vitalievna is not the best team player.

Although they professionally and successfully perform their part of the tasks, they are purposeful and throw all their strength towards achieving the goal. It is not uncommon to see them remaining after work to complete the work.

The Vitalievna move up the career ladder rather quickly, but, as bosses, they are demanding, even picky, and not particularly loved by the team.

These women quickly adapt to new working conditions, teams, places and quickly deploy their activities in a new place.

The Vitalievs are characterized by a high intellectual level, they like to read a lot, try to develop, they gladly attend refresher courses, lectures, seminars, exhibitions and a museum.

They try to keep their house perfectly clean, as they are extremely intolerant of dirt and disorder. However, other household chores - cooking, sewing are much colder.

Vitalievna are calm about cosmetics, preferring practicality, both in style and in clothing. Family is by no means in the first place for them, so it is difficult to see Vitalievna with a large number of husbands.

Having married, she prefers a calm lifestyle of family life and does not provoke conflicts or support them. He loves his children, but calmly entrusts their upbringing to her husband and relatives.

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