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These men are very reserved, no one can say what is in their head at the moment. You will not see Nikitich in a rage or in exuberant joy, such people keep all emotions inside themselves.

It is not surprising that the Nikitichs have few friends, although they themselves do not shy away from people. These men willingly express their point of view, as they are well-read and have a good outlook.

The owners of such a patronymic respect the interlocutor, do not interrupt him or argue. They are very reliable, so they are trusted with both secrets and very responsible assignments.

True, Nikitich lacks objectivity in assessing both themselves and strangers - their own merits and other people's shortcomings are exaggerated. Such men are conflict-free, trying to peacefully resolve all conflicts.

Nikitichi is very popular with women, largely due to their sense of humor, but they are in no hurry to get married.

These are very jealous husbands who may not hesitate to eavesdrop on a spouse's phone conversation or inspect her purse. But they always have complete order in the household, they constantly make something, teach children to work from an early age.

These are complex, but, at the same time, very interesting women. They are brave, not afraid of life's difficulties and decision-making.

Nikitich are rather stubborn, it is difficult to convince and subdue them, although they are desperate arguers by nature. These women do not like lies and lies, they themselves are honest and sincere.

Nikitichny carefully plan all their steps in advance, however, they do everything in a hurry, which is why they break all the deadlines. Punctuality is not their strong point.

The owners of such a middle name have humanitarian inclinations, of which artists and musicians are often obtained. They are inherent in career aspirations, and, in search of themselves and their path, these people can even dramatically change their profession, circle of acquaintances.

The desire for success does not allow them to stop there, Nikitichny always strive for more. They have many friends and girlfriends, these women are generally always in the spotlight.

They themselves are sociable, responsive, interesting. They prefer to relax outside the home - whether on a hike or travel, or just in a cheerful company.

Nikitichny do not seek to get married, therefore, the mistresses of them are not very good. In marriage, they still strive for independence, which brings discord in the family.

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