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These are very talented men with great self-esteem, often the truth of their assessment of their own capabilities exceeds the real one. The Leontievichs pay great attention to how they look in the eyes of others; they constantly think that they deserve a better attitude towards themselves.

In case of resentment, even if it is small, these men can become embittered and start pouring angry barbs. But this is not due to a bad character, but due to the vulnerability and sensitivity of these men, which they carefully hide.

In their careers, the Leontievichs devote all their strength to achieving their goals, since they are quite ambitious, wanting to achieve both a high position and recognition of their merits by people.

To do this, they are ready to work day and night, although having achieved respect for their perseverance, these men do not receive the sincere love of their colleagues. This is a consequence of Leontyevich's arrogant attitude to people, to their non-obligation and the low price of their promises.

The owners of such a middle name do not reach out to people and do not make a large number of friends, they are afraid to trust someone.

Leontievichs attract women with their talents, but they are extremely fickle. Such men often have several short-lived marriages, although the Leontyevichs treat their children with reverence, pamper them.

Leont'evna are usually very kind women, sensual and affectionate. This is a type of real "Bereginia" (originally in Slavic mythology, the great goddess, who together with the Rod gave birth to all that exists), who herself needs to be warmed, fed and helped.

Outwardly, these are fragile and delicate creatures, but they have a core that helps them overcome life's adversities, showing strength, character, patience, fighting to the very end.

These women are very friendly, people are literally drawn to her, both men and women, there are practically no enemies. The owners of this middle name easily forgive others, but they often raise the bar for success for themselves.

Although the Leontievna are interested in men, they are in no hurry to get married, due to the fact that they have to choose the best of the worthy. Unfortunately, successful marriages are rare for women with such a middle name. Leont'evna are excellent housewives, though slightly sloppy.

Children for them in the family are in the first place, taking away part of the attention intended for the husband. True, these women indulge their children unnecessarily, therefore, a certain pampering is characteristic of those.

The Leontievna are not too economical, often spending money on trifles, they adore music and dancing, are not indifferent to animals, and they love to relax in nature, away from home and the hustle and bustle of the city.

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