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Men with the patronymic Yakovlevich are very hardworking, they do not have moments of rest, they are always in business and in business. In their actions, they are decisive, they do not retreat in anything.

They are excellent workers, specialists in their field you can rely on them and entrust any, even a difficult task, with which they will definitely cope. Yakovlevichs are not distinguished by ambition, therefore they do not strive for career growth.

They establish even relations with their superiors, they are respected, they listen to their opinion, although they do not seek to impose their own. At the same time, the Yakovlevichs are very modest men, preferring to remain in the shadows.

They are observant, well versed in people. They usually do not have real friends, but there are many good acquaintances and friends.

In family life, it's not easy to be with them - not every woman can withstand the interference of men in all household chores, and the Yakovlevichs are somehow curious as a woman, trying to keep abreast of all the events taking place in the house.

These men are a little stingy, they hardly part with money. They do not tend to make grand gestures for their wife and acquire, for example, an expensive fur coat or jewelry.

In dealing with women, they lack softness and tenderness, or maybe they simply do not know how to express their feelings, therefore they are harsh.

Yakovlevichs, born in autumn, hot-tempered, emotional people. They get irritated easily, but cool down quickly. Often they have to apologize for saying something in anger.

Yakovlevichs are excellent owners, they are happy to do any homework, they are engaged in raising their children.

A woman with a patronymic Yakovlevna is very loyal to the family, respects and loves her parents, adores her children. These women are very modest, unassuming and indecisive in their actions.

They do not like to sit idly by, they will always find something to do and help friends and family with everything they can. These women try to avoid and never participate in conflict situations.

Yakovlevna choose work not related to business trips, they prefer home comfort than even the most comfortable hotel. Their whole life passes between home and work. They have no thirst to explore new cities, no craving for travel.

Yakovlevna is a hospitable hostess, she prefers to invite relatives or employees to her place than to go to visit herself. Such women dress modestly, but neatly, prefer universal clothes so that they can go out to the feast and the world, but always have a fashionable hairstyle.

They prefer live communication with friends than by phone. They are in many ways similar to their parents, especially their father.

She is married only once, and if the first is unsuccessful, then Yakovlevna does not marry anymore and brings up children herself. They do not tend to engage in culinary delights.

The most they can do is make jam. However, despite her docile nature, in life she is often haunted by failures in her personal life.

Yakovlevna, born in winter, loves to attend entertainment events with her children, such as premieres in the theater, concerts of popular artists, and tours of circus performers. Her hobby is to breed rare exotic plants.

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