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Anatolyevichs are men with a difficult character. These are principled, quick-tempered, stubborn and calculating people, they just won't get down to business if they don't see their benefit in it. But at the same time, they are talented and hardworking, and if they do take on any work, they will do it efficiently and accurately.

With an analytical mind, Anatolyevichs become good designers, constructors and even inventors. But, as a rule, their talents are revealed after thirty years.

However, such men do not like to be guided and controlled every step of the way. They are quite difficult to communicate, they hardly let new people into their lives and it is also difficult to part. We can say about them that these are men with character, they will never be the first to go into conflict, but if you piss them off, it will not seem enough to anyone.

As a rule, Anatolyevichs live with their parents for a long time and get married late, as they can look for a life partner for a long time. As a result, they prefer quiet, modest persons, since they themselves have a rather despotic character and in family life they prefer to be leaders and masters of the situation in everything. At the same time, men with the patronymic Anatolyevich are very fond of children and most often girls are born to them.

They are also passionate travelers and fidgets. It is difficult to keep them at home or to force them to do the housework; they prefer to spend their free time somewhere in nature, and sometimes at work.

Since childhood, these women are distinguished by stubbornness and perseverance, but at the same time they are kind and not at all selfish. Being smart, consistent and motivated in their decisions, they often reach career heights and become good and competent leaders.

Anatolyevna always treat themselves and those around them rather critically, but they know how to listen, understand and give advice to their interlocutor. This explains the fact that other women often go to them for condolence and sympathy.

They, as a rule, are talented and extraordinary personalities, which is manifested in their ability to look quite eccentric against the background of others, and in their love of art.

They like to be in the center of male attention, but in relationships with men they often like to take rather than give, which can lead to conflict situations.

As a rule, these women love to lead their husbands, to impose their will on him. Therefore, the first marriage often ends in divorce. And with the mother and children, they do not always find mutual understanding.

Anatolyevna are often inclined to be overweight, since they know how to cook deliciously, but they do it only according to their mood.

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