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Cohn's Corollary to Murphy's Law

If something goes wrong, then this is just the beginning.

Macdonald's Corollary to Murphy's Law

Under any circumstances, the right course of action is determined by subsequent events.

Supplement to Murphy's Law

In practice, in the expression 1 + 1 = 2, the symbol "=" means "rarely" or "never" at all.

Murphy's uncertainty principle

Only after countless mistakes have been made is it safe to say that something went wrong.

Funstock Failure Rule

If you fail to begin with, destroy all evidence of your attempts to succeed.

Kaiser's remark on Zimergi's law

Never open a can of worms if you are not going fishing.

Murphy's mathematical axiom

1. If the unit is followed by a figure greater than five, it shall be rounded to two.
2. If one is followed by a figure less than five, it shall also be rounded to two.

Duda's duality law

With two evils, more will happen.

May West's note

It is human nature to make mistakes, and this is divine.

Mystery law

Nature despises people.

Barkovsky's law

You can not protect yourself from accidents.

Peruzzi principle

When you get off to a bad start, trouble grows at an exponential rate.

Number factor

Quantity is inversely proportional to quality.

Ken's law

A flying object will tend to hit the nearest eye.

Allen's law

Almost everything is easier to screw in than to unscrew.

Frotingham's fourth law

Urgency is inversely proportional to the degree of importance.

Rockefeller principle

Always do everything so that everyone can see: you are working.

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