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Meaning of the name

Marianne means "sad beauty" in Hebrew.


Little Marianne's character is paternal, she looks like him and outwardly. Emotional, charming, does not cause problems for parents. She studies well, is musical, loves to draw, collected and assiduous.

The adult Marianne is a typical extrovert, often organizing group visits to theaters, concerts, New Year's lights. Wayward and ardent, a great debater. Defends his opinion, even knowing that he is not right, but having felt the danger, most likely, he will "hide in the bushes" and wait for the outcome. Marianne solves her problems on her own, without pinning high hopes on someone's help, although if they offer it, she will not refuse.

Born in January, Marianne is principled, straightforward and distrustful, absolutely not amenable to other people's influence. Likes to visit theaters and concerts.

Marianna devotes a lot of time to caring for her appearance, she is elegant, has a refined taste, loves dahlias, beautiful expensive furniture and paintings. She has an easy, cheerful disposition, sociable and emotional.

She marries early (with the exception of the "January" Mariannes, who marry late), showing independence - she simply confronts her parents with a fact. She quickly becomes a good housewife, gets used to running the house and unobtrusively guides her husband. Her marriage is almost always strong (the exception is the "autumn" Marianne, whose first marriage was unsuccessful).


Sex for Marianna is a necessary condition for spiritual comfort, a way to feel the fullness of being. She is extremely selective in her passions; few men are able to give her true pleasure.

Marianna attaches great importance to the appearance of a man, choosing only tall strong handsome men from all fans. If the partner is not good enough, Marianne does not receive sexual satisfaction from intimacy. She prefers men with extensive sexual experience who show enough respect for their chosen one.

Marianna's sexual activity is average (with the exception of "winter" women with this name, some of whom are even hypersexual). In bed, she is full of quiet sensuality. Marianne loves long-term erotic caresses, is capable of a long act, and can repeatedly reach a climax.

Winter-born Marianne often changes partners, preferring passionate admirers experienced in love games. If the husband matches her temperament, he becomes a patient and faithful wife.

Marianne, born in spring, may experience very weak sex drive even after the birth of her first child.

Born in the summer, Marianne achieves full satisfaction only after a few climaxes, loves male affection and in the final period of intimacy.



A rock

Green jasper.

Zodiac sign

Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Marianne gives the impression of something good, powerful.

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