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The unique Lanvin brand has existed for over 120 years. The young woman knew of everything that she was capable of more than just being a milliner.

In 1890, Jeanne opened her own workshop for the creation of women's hats. After all, soon the enterprising hostess realized that she needed to develop and began to sew women's clothes that were ideal in style and cut.

Thanks to this, Jeanne Lanvin managed to become the first world-renowned woman designer in history. For example, the ankle-length dress she created in 1913 with an original design and accessories was enthusiastically accepted by all rich women of fashion. The Lanvin brand was characterized by the floral pattern of the fabric, fine lines and French sophistication. Dresses from Jeanne Lanvin testified to belonging to the highest general.

The fashion designer's clients were opera singers, film actresses and representatives of noble families. The Lanvin Fashion House, the oldest in France, sews costumes by the legend of the Parisian scene, Cecile Sorel and Ivan Prantan. At the same time, actresses use the brand's products in everyday life. The house also manages to conquer high society - in clothes from Lanvin they appear at weddings, social events and just receptions.

Zhanna was the first to come up with children's fashion. Before her, dresses were sewn for girls, similar to adults, but only in smaller sizes. Lanvin made unique outfits for children and teenagers. Even adult women of fashion began to customize such clothes to fit their figure. As a result, whole families, both children and their mothers, began to work with Jeanne. And the daughter of the fashion designer Marie-Blanc became the muse, over time even the brand's trademark appeared - the silhouette of a lady leading a girl by the hand.

In 1920, Jeanne Lanvin creates a whole world for her clients. In Paris, she opens a Lanvin Decoration store with Albert Armand Rato. The designer is actively involved in the promotion of other French fashion houses, she is a welcome guest at national and international shows. And in 1926, Jeanne Lanvin's activities were awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor.

In the same 1926, Lanvin also launched a men's clothing line, which became an example of classic style. And its first buyer was the writer Edmond Rostand, the literary "father" of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Jeanne Lanvin created not just style, but a whole world of sophistication and elegance. She adored art, surrounding herself with talents and artists. Zhanna wanted her clients to be surrounded by an unusual environment, which is why she even paid attention to the interior design of her shops and hotel. Together with Albert Armand Rato, the interior of the boutiques was developed using Art Deco motives.

There were many gold colors in the design, as well as white and black. And the blue color is generally present everywhere. Jeanne paints her room in a unique pale blue color with a bright purple tint, but she prefers blue shades in her clothes.

In 1925, the brand introduced its perfume line. The first big hit came with My Sin. The promising perfumer Andre Fraiss joins the company, and a whole laboratory opens. Lanvin creates a whole scattering of fragrances - Apris le Sport, Cross-Country. They are all very popular. But the real sensation was Arpege, which was dedicated to Jeanne's daughter. After 80 years, a male version of this perfume appeared. Even the design of the bottle was carefully thought out - it was personally developed by Armand Rato.

The famous black ball, decorated with a drawing by Paul Iribe, "gave women what music gives to the world." All subsequent fragrances, like eau de toilette, creams, powder, blush and oils, were successful. Jeanne Lanvin collaborates with Baccarat in the production of new bottles, with the Sevres Manufactory - in the creation of new colors, and with Christophe invented new suitcases.

In 1939, when the world froze in anticipation of war, Jeanne launched the first fragrance for men, Crescendo. The next similar perfume was released in 1946, when the founder of the brand passed away. Her daughter, Marie Blanche de Polignac, became her successor. She kept the Lanvin style - elegant, truly French and graceful.

Despite all the changes in fashion, the designers did not profess conservatism, but inscribed popular elements in the already created style. From 1950 to 1963, Anthony Canovi del Castillo was the main designer of women's ready-to-wear clothing. Haute Couture clothes were created in 1964-1984 by Jules-Francois Krae. But the perfume line begins to fade - high-quality perfumes have lost their charm and are no longer so successful.

In 1990, Lanvine Fashion House gradually began to be absorbed by the cosmetic giant L'Oreal. In 1996, this company bought all 100% of the shares, setting the ambitious goal of returning the glorious brand to its former popularity at the beginning of the 20th century. In 2001, the House was taken over by a group of Thai investors Shaw-Lan Wang, who appointed Israeli fashion designer Alber Elbaz as the creative designer. He set out to combine past traditions with modern trends. Elbaz created the current image of a Parisian woman - fashionable and sensual. Coats with shiny inserts and rhinestones have become iconic.

This is how the designer paid tribute to Parisian fashion and the legacy of Jeanne Lanvin. Now the master's handwriting is recognized in every collection. All the same principles are professed all those characteristic of the House - disarming simplicity and elegance. The designer was able to renew the image of delicate femininity while maintaining the traditions of Art Deco graphics so prized in Lanvin. Already in 4 years of its work, Elbaz returned the brand to its former glory, and among the main fans of the brand are actresses Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett and Chloe Sevigny.

"Lanvin" does not forget about its history - in 2006 the world saw the book "Interior and Haute Couture, Works by Armand Albert Rato for Jeanne Lanvin, New Art Deco". And the next year, the Lanvin edition appeared, which tells the story of the style created by Jeanne Lanvin and continued by Albert Elbaz. In 2008, the House of Lanvin took part in an exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Paris. The company presented headdresses created by its ancestor and perfume bottles inlaid with pearls designed by it.

Lanvin also participated in an exhibition at the Paris Fashion Museum. The brand showed as many as 170 clothing models and 200 accessories, as well as its fragrances and cosmetics. The exposition of the famous brand showed the connection between Art Nouveau architecture and modernism in clothing, it was shown how the traditions of Russian, African and Japanese culture influenced designers. There were also works by Jeanne Lanvin herself - sketches and perfume bottles.

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