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Meaning of the name

Lada in translation from Old Church Slavonic means "sweet", "good", "tender". Comes from the name of the Slavic goddess of beauty and love Lada.


Since childhood, Ladochka has been characterized by stubbornness, some superficiality, capricious and self-confident. She is often sick, misses classes at school, has a moderately developed intellect, so she studies mediocre.

Growing up, Lada turns into a sociable, somewhat self-confident girl, loves bright clothes, tries to attract the attention of others with relaxed behavior, loves large companies, where she tries to win everyone's attention with stories (sometimes somewhat embellished) about her successes. She has many friends and acquaintances, but few real friends, since Lada is vindictive and does not know how to forgive insults.

Lada is charming, outwardly strict, but internally relaxed, independent, stubborn and principled. She is an open, energetic woman with colossal pride. Lada acts decisively, she is used to always achieving her goal and does not know how to either retreat or sympathize with those who stand in her way.

Conflict situations do not stop this woman, and if she manages to combine her self-esteem and self-confidence with respect for other people, then she will find true happiness and many real friends, whose absence sometimes feels so acutely. She is a wonderful housewife, she cooks deliciously, loves to do needlework.


Lada is strict in appearance, but extremely attractive. With the manners of a free, independent woman, she is perceived in this way by men, and usually does not deceive their hopes. She is liberated, tempted in many ways.

Lada early enters into intimacy with a man in order to gain sexual experience before marriage. However, her first chosen one is sure to cause in her soul not only a flash of passion, but also a fire of love, otherwise there can be no question of reciprocity.

Lada is sensual and passionate, if she is in love, she gives herself to the man completely, yielding to all his desires, after each intimacy, feeling a sense of gratitude to her partner. Disappointed in love, he can fall into depression, fortunately, for a short time.

Loneliness does not threaten her, but she chooses a husband for a long time. The first marriage is often unsuccessful. After the divorce, Lada begins to treat men with distrust, becomes more careful in choosing a life partner.

If Lada was born in winter, then her addiction to the role of commander extends to the sphere of intimate relationships. In addition, she is too prosaic, a little emotional and somewhat down to earth.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Cancer, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Lada gives the impression of something good, beautiful, majestic, courageous, strong, cold, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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