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Meaning of the name

Inna, translated from Greek as "weeping", was first used in the Old Russian language as a masculine name, later as a feminine name, and in translation meant "stormy stream".


Since childhood, Inna is distinguished by her enormous stubbornness, as she grows up, she acquires an increasingly difficult character. She is perfectly oriented in the world around her, does not like when the attention of her parents is drawn to someone else besides her, even if it is her best friend.

Inna is not inclined to share her things or toys with other children. She cannot overcome her stubbornness, and even having matured, she can hardly, and only with very great need, give up some thing of hers to a person she likes, but at the same time she will experience severe stress.

Since childhood, Inna spends a lot of time with her mother in the kitchen, learns to cook, to run the house. She loves to try all sorts of culinary recipes, and sometimes she herself shows inventiveness, preparing something delicious.

However, needlework is not for her. Loves to sleep. Inna is strict with herself and others. He does not like to lie, to dodge, is distinguished by hard work, prudence, thrifty.

Inna is very smart, and often surprises those around her with thoughtful and balanced, but at the same time bold and original conclusions, statements and actions. She is distinguished by independence, has her own opinion, completely independent of the opinion of friends or the public. She will never be led by anyone.

Inna, born in winter, has a self-confident, quick-tempered, sharp character.

Born in the fall, she is serious, very inquisitive, but somewhat slow in perceiving information. Most often he chooses the profession of director of a store or cafe, accountant, engineer, operator, programmer.

"Summer" Inna loves intrigue, often conflicts with others, is very stubborn.

Inna, born in the spring, is the most extravagant and completely unpredictable. Easily copes with the work of a journalist, photographer, translator, guide, hairdresser.


Inna has an inexhaustible creative imagination, which manifests itself in everything - in the distribution of finances, and in work, and in jealousy, and in love, and in sex. But her chosen one must come to terms with the fact that, having a talent in any field of activity, she will most likely devote her entire life to its development, sacrificing family, money and the warmth of the hearth.

If the development of talent still has to be combined with family life, then the husband and children will always be only in second place. The happy spouse of such a talented and peremptory lady will have to unconditionally listen to her, not skimp on praise, and besides, take on almost all the housework. This state of affairs is unlikely to arouse the admiration of the mother-in-law, so it is best for Inna to live separately with her husband.

Inna most often has daughters to whom she becomes an attentive and loving mother. She usually sends her children to study at prestigious schools, strives to give them a musical education, teach languages.


Gray blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.


The name Inna gives the impression of something light, joyful, light, enthusiastic, calling to the knowledge of heights.

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