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Meaning of the name

Kharita translated from ancient Greek means "charm", "darling".


Little Harita is a quiet, meek child who does not give her parents any trouble. She is able to play alone for hours, living in a world she has invented, inhabited by elves and fairies.

She is a dreamer and an inventor, she loves to tell fairy tales that she composes herself. Parents should only take all measures so that the baby learns to distinguish fiction from reality.

At school, Harita does well on the whole, although she is not always able to focus on the teacher's explanations, it is much more interesting to see what is happening outside the window, or to dream about something. Harita has many friends, but she is somewhat naive and trusting, which often leads to disappointment.

Adult Harita is secretive, proud, prone to narcissism. People who do not know her take her for a cheerful and calm person. In fact, Harita is very sensitive and vulnerable, her weapon against the hardships of life is indifference, complemented by a smile and a joke.

She is smart and shrewd, able to cover the whole problem, but in the little things she can get confused. She never gives in to difficulties, quickly moves up the career ladder. She can achieve success in any activity she chooses, especially succeeds in the field of art.


Kharita has an outstanding appearance and delicate taste, dresses beautifully, just adores her body, pays a lot of attention to caring for it. She is not very sociable, not inclined to coquetry, but in a company such a woman cannot be overlooked, she is distinguished by grace and elegance, knows how to maintain small talk, while showing a critical mind and insight.

Kharita has many fans, but she is in no hurry to give any of them hope, at first she looks at the man for a long time, evaluating his appearance and character traits. If the fan in some way does not correspond to her ideas about the ideal man, worthy of attention, she will not start a relationship with him.

In sex, Harita at first does not show much passion and activity in order to assess the sexuality of a partner, the depth of his feelings. And only after being convinced that next to her there is a really passionate and gentle man in love with her, Harita reveals herself completely, surprising her partner with a sudden outbreak of violent passion and tenderness.

Her marriage is most often successful, Harita manifests herself as an excellent mistress, wife and mother.


Matte scarlet.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Pisces.


The sound of the name Harita gives the impression of something sad, short, angular, base, bad, scary, quiet, rough, dull, dark.

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