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Meaning of the name

Galina in translation from ancient Greek means "meek", "quiet", "calmness", "serenity".


In communication with peers, he does not strive for leadership, but loves outdoor games, can be an initiator. I'm ready to give in to a persistent friend so as not to spoil the game.

Adults should not raise their voice at her, she will understand everything anyway, and the harshness of the tone frightens and annoys her. She has a poor appetite and needs a strict regimen. He loves to draw, and even more to visit or wait for them at home.

Sociable, kind girl. If the guests are not interested in her, she will go about her business and will not interfere with you. She grows up as an impressionable, fearful child, susceptible to someone else's grief, it is undesirable to tell scary stories with her, after that she does not sleep well.

It is advisable to take her in sports: rhythmic gymnastics or tennis, which is good for her health. Galina with tears will ask to buy her a colorful book and is more indifferent to dolls. Do not refuse her request to visit the zoo, although you were there last week with her.

She is dad's daughter, she is better friends with boys than with girls, but she clearly understands that she is a girl herself. She likes to dress up, look good, spin in front of the mirror, but it is easier for her to communicate with boys. And adult Galina is alien to eternal women's problems, intrigues, gossip.

In his youth he likes to read historical novels, travel books. He also tries to be active in life; hiking is one of her strongest hobbies.

Refers to the number of real workers. She is prudent, and, having got down to business, knows in advance what interests she pursues and how to achieve them. She succeeds everywhere: at work, in the garden, in entertainment - and at the same time remains attractive and charming.

He knows how to get out of the most difficult situation thanks to his hard work. Painfully trying to find in himself reserves of firmness even when there is no need for it. The qualities inherent in the name: simplicity, beauty, brightness.

She is attentive to her health, prefers cleanliness. She often communicates with cheerful people, since she does not need troubles from the outside that spoil her nerves.

Galina - a woman is impulsive, emotional, and her whole life depends on her mood. She works according to her mood; she treats others, too, depending on her mood.

Today Galina can be charming and benevolent, she easily disposes of everyone, and tomorrow she is already arrogant, cold, intolerant. The seemingly firm decision made the day before can be easily canceled, guided by a simple whim.

In equal measure, Galina can amaze with her complaisance and irascibility, gentleness and firmness of character, deep intelligence and unrestrained recklessness. However, she is quite calculating, not a spender, she is engaged in household chores with pleasure, but she loves to live in a big way.

Galina is a good mother, knows how to be friends with children, although often these are children from different fathers. But she knows how to make friends with each other. In a male society she feels much better than in a female one - she instantly transforms, becomes flirtatious and feminine, sweet and affectionate. But among her friends, Galina is known as a woman with a masculine character.

It is unlikely that you will be able to strike up any unnecessarily heated argument with Galina, in a good mood she will simply react to this rather cheerfully, and in a bad mood she will not argue at all. If you happen to meet an overly strict Galina, then do not be embarrassed, there are usually no evil thoughts and calculations behind this mask.


Galina lives with the dream of great love and incinerating passion, she is an idealist, dreaming of loyalty and devotion. She invents a lover for herself, who is often very far from the real man who is next to her, and this does not allow her to live a full-blooded erotic life.

Galina is freedom-loving, too independent, her behavior in love is sometimes unpredictable - she can suddenly, for no reason, break the connection with a man, her sexual behavior is also different in extremes.

In any case, she sees a meaningful goal in sex - procreation. Violent, passionate attraction, love fever, erotic feelings for a man are not inherent in her.

Galina often remains on good terms with those to whom she has recently been attracted and with whom she was intimate. During the period of meetings with a man, she shows incredible energy and determination, having outlined a goal for herself, Galina will not back down from her.

She evokes strong sexual emotions in her partners, but she herself rarely responds in kind, although she loves excitable, active men. Often in her youth she experiences unsuccessful love and then fears serious affection, the latter largely refers to the "winter" Galina. She is afraid of the manifestations of her feelings, fearing to be mistaken in a partner.

Galina is a creative person, talented in everything related to beauty, but often suppresses her craving for creativity.

She lives in the happy confidence that there is an ideal man who is only waiting for her. She will never refuse an invitation to a company with men, in the hope of a pleasant evening. Her expectations usually come true, because she is able to turn a man's head. She can give intimacy to him as an expensive gift as a reward for tenderness and warm relations.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Aries, Taurus.


The sound of the name Galina gives the impression of something courageous, strong, and bright.

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