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There are probably hundreds of thousands of cocktail recipes in the world. And the most exclusive ones stand out from the general row, which are also famous for their price.

Cocktails are an essential part of any party and social event, these drinks are offered at awards and made for a romantic home evening. Any self-respecting restaurant, bar or hotel has its own cocktail list.

This enables tourists and travelers not only to appreciate the architectural beauty of the country, but also to enjoy local drinks, touching the culinary side. Below we will talk about 10 of the most exclusive, and therefore expensive, cocktails in the world.

Truffle Martini, worth $ 100. This drink is offered by the London Rocco Forte’s Browns Hotel. The exotic cocktail consists of chocolate liqueur and martini, and its highlight is a truffle soaked before serving in vodka for two days.

Ritz Sidecar, costing $ 515. The cocktail can still be tasted at the Hemingway Bar of the Ritz Hotel in Paris, but soon it will no longer be possible. The reason is that in addition to Cointreau liqueur and lemon juice, the composition of the drink includes a very rare cognac "1830 Ritz Reserve", of which there are only a few bottles left in the world. Such uniqueness of cognac is given by the grape variety from which it is made. The berries for the production of a rare drink were collected even before the invasion of phylloxera, which destroyed many vineyards in France in the 60s of the XIX century.

Magie Noir, worth $ 550. The main ingredients of this delicious cocktail are Hennessy cognac, Dom Perignon champagne and Crème deMure blackberry cream liqueur. You can taste this exquisite drink only at the London club Umbaba. The cocktail was invented by local bartender Jail André and was inspired by the club's regulars, young bankers. They just got bored one day celebrating their million-dollar bonus awards with a traditional bottle of Cristal. To make the cocktail even more piquant, lemon juice, lychee pulp and a special extract from the bark of the African Yohimbe tree, which is widely known as a natural aphrodisiac, are added there. This masterpiece drink is served in a crystal glass, while the tube is made of 24-carat white gold according to the designs of the famous jeweler Tom Binns.

High Roller Martini, worth $ 1,000. Gourmets can sample this cocktail at the Las Vegas Capital Grille. However, the cost of a cocktail is not due to its unique ingredients or taste, but other factors. First of all, half of the cost of a cocktail goes to charity, to help the hungry. In addition, each cocktail is served with a ring strung on a stick. There are even small diamonds on this jewelry.

Kentucky Derby's Special Mint Julep, worth $ 1,000. What races without the elite, and what the elite without cocktails? In the United States, the annual Kentucky Derby races invite guests to sample a signature drink made of brandy with water, sugar, ice and mint. So simple? However, the class of the cocktail is determined by the high quality class of all its components. So, exclusively collectible Woodford Reserv whiskey is used, mint leaves are brought specially from Ireland, sugar is delivered from Australia, and the purest ice is directly from the Bavarian Alps. Naturally, only a select few can afford such a drink. For them, it is served in glasses with gilding and silver tubes.

Mai Taiм, costing 1400 dollars. This drink can be found in the 5-star Merchant Hotel Bulin. The basis of the cocktail is a rare Jamaican rum, of which there are no more than six bottles left in the world. The owners of the hotel themselves report that a bottle of a unique rum is kept in a local wine cellar under heavy security.

Platinum Passion, worth $ 1,500. This drink is perhaps the most exotic on our list. You can buy it at the Duvet Lounge restaurant in New York. The cocktail includes L'Esprit de Courvoisier collection cognac and Ruinart elite French champagne. The drink has an exotic taste thanks to passionfruit syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice, wild honey and berries, and cane sugar. Fresh orchid, which decorates each glass before serving, gives a special chic to the cocktail.

Sapphire Martini, worth $ 3,000. The sapphire martini is offered to its guests by the Mezz restaurant at the Foxwoods Resort casino in Connecticut. The high cost of the drink is due to its ingredients. Contains Bombay Sapphire dry London gin, Blue Curacao liqueur and a couple of drops of dry vermouth. And the appearance of the cocktail claims to be perfect. It is served in a designer glass, whose rim is strewn with blue sugar. The banal olive has been replaced with a silver pin with small earrings. On them, blue sapphires are framed with platinum.

Diamond Cocktail, priced at $ 4,350. A diamond cocktail is served at London's Piano Bar. The exclusive drink includes the super-elite Remy Martin Louis XII cognac, which itself costs $ 2,000 per bottle, Charles Heidsieck Vintage 2001 vintage champagne. The bartender will add three drops of beater to the cocktail and add a lump of sugar. Also, the glass will be decorated with a diamond, depending on its size and the final price will be added. The simplest option includes a 0.6 carat diamond, and the maximum cocktail price can go up to $ 9,000.

Martini On The Rock, worth $ 10,000. The most expensive cocktail on the planet is undoubtedly the dream of many women. You can taste it in the bar of the historic Algonquin Hotel in New York. It is believed that the cocktail is just perfect thirst quencher. However, the cocktail recipe is quite simple - a one and a half carat diamond is placed on the bottom of a glass with a classic cold martini. At the same time, the bar workers about their desire to order such a drink should be in advance, but everyone can choose a stone for their cocktail on their own.

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