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Meaning of the name

Eugenia in translation from Greek means "noble".


Girls are always in a father, whom they love to madness, sometimes this feeling develops into the opposite.

Zhenya has a developed self-esteem. In the character, there is a detachment from people, great curiosity and knowledge in various areas of modern life, whether it is the topic of industrial goods, the topic of cutting and sewing, apartment renovation and housing.

Girl Zhenya comes up with her own world, which is difficult for an outsider to understand, there are laws and rules. At a time when the children are fond of Little Red Riding Hood, Zhenya may develop an interest in religion, and she will read Bible stories with interest. Shows a penchant for needlework, embroidery. She can play alone for a long time, but she is not alien to the usual children's entertainment - riding a bicycle, playing with dolls.

At school, Zhenya reaches out to teachers, asks additional questions and is known as an inquisitive girl. Classmates appreciate Zhenya for her justice and willingness to help. She enjoys communicating with nature - hiking in the forest, listening to birds, planting flowers, working in a zoo corner. Usually does not conflict with parents.

Strict in friendship with boys. He prefers to learn about the intimate side of relations between different sexes from special literature, avoids talking on this topic with her girlfriends.

Subtle, with developed intuition, Evgenia likes men with a little old-fashioned manners, courteous and restrained. Evgenia is hospitable, friendly, will surprise guests with a beautifully set table and exotic dishes. However, provided that it will be warned about it in advance. She does not like impromptu in anything, she is punctual.

In those born in winter and late autumn, punctuality is especially pronounced, to the extent that it can irritate loved ones. She is stocked, does not spend money on trifles, does not throw away old things. Children love her, but at the same time are afraid of her strict temper.

Growing up, Zhenya becomes more quarrelsome, stubborn and touchy. Often gives a reason for quarrels, as it can easily puff up over a trifle and ruin the mood of others.

Experiencing an urgent need for extensive contacts with the world. These are women with well-developed, but a little extravagant imaginations and Machiavellian plans. They love to turn everyone into their slaves, starting with their parents.

A delay for Zhenya is like a retreat, and a retreat is a defeat ... The trouble is for those who do not keep up with them. Are in complete control of themselves. They strive for independence, tend to seek adventure.

Dangerous when things take an unpleasant turn for them, and the blame falls on them. The husbands of these angry tigresses have a hard time at such moments, and you, relatives, hold on as best you can!

Everything around them should be in motion, or rather, everything - relatives, husband, children. They adapt very well if the situation requires it, but, unfortunately, succumb to other people's influence. Rather hardworking than talented, Evgenia achieves success thanks to her hard work.

People around them are often horrified by their antics, but still sure that they can be dealt with. It's hard to live with them, but life without Evgenia is too boring.


Evgenia is firmly convinced that she knows everything well, for this she has reasons, for she always relies on common sense. In any situation - like a fish in water. She is one of those women who are young and hot all their lives.

Evgenia has a rare ability to penetrate into the world of her beloved's feelings, and if she sees love in his eyes, her own feeling for him ignites with renewed vigor.

Evgenia's love is a feeling heightened to the extreme, to the point of self-forgetfulness, she feels her partner with all her skin and is able to guess his desire by one expression of her eyes. However, this intensity of feelings has its downside: many men are simply afraid to take on such a burden.

Evgenia is very affectionate and, on her own initiative, rarely breaks up with her lover if she has reached sexual harmony with him. Only extraordinary circumstances can force her to do this. Having parted, she is able to remember her lover all her life and to revive in her memory the unique moments spent with him.

Not every man can satisfy this ardent woman, she often has no luck with partners. But Evgenia is able not to show her displeasure, she soberly analyzes the reasons for failures, tries to simulate the sexual behavior of her partner. She is very sensitive to erotic play, without her she cannot reach the peak of pleasure.


Dark green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Libra.


The sound of the name Evgeny gives the impression of something simple, safe, bright, joyful.

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