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David's beloved
Davinia - sweetheart
Long ago - dawn
Dianne - divine, heavenly
Daisy - day eye (daisy)
Diamond - diamond
Dayna - the doomed
Dakay - tenant, vassal
Dakota is an ally
Delilah - thin, weak
Dalinda is a noble snake
Dahlia - dahlia flower
Dalkey - sweet
Dalya - dahlia flower
Damiana - taming, subduing
Damia - taming, subduing
Dana - from Denmark, judge
Danette - God is my judge
Dani - God is my judge
Danil - God is my judge
Danilla - God is my judge
Danita - God is my judge
Denmark - God is my judge
Danny - God is my judge
Dania - God is my judge
Dapn - laurel
Darby - deer farm
Darian - Possessive, Rich
Daril - from Erell
Darin - possessing many, rich
Daria - possessing many, rich
Darkey - from the Arch
Darks - from the Arch
Darkaya - from the Arch
Darla is the beloved
Darline the beloved
Darlene is a favorite
Darryl - by Erell
Daffodil - Asphodel
Dahlia - dahlia flower
Deb is a bee
Debbie - bee
Debbie is a bee
Debbie is a bee
Debi is a bee
Deborah the bee
Debra is a bee
Debs - bee
Devan - parishioner
Deven - parishioner
Devnet is a small deer
Devon is a parishioner
Deja - already
Desdemona is unlucky
Desira - the coveted
Desiree - Desired
Desiree - Desired
Deidre - a young girl
Deidre - a young girl
Deitra - a young girl
Dey - day
Delilah - thin, weak
Delight - charming, delightful
Delaney - dark, challenger
Delilah - thin, weak
Delinda is a noble snake
Delice - delightful
Delicia - delightful
Delia - from Tilos
Della - living in the hollow
Delora - sadness
Deloris - sorrow
Delores - sadness
Delphin - a woman from Delphi, delphinium flower
Delphia - a woman from Delphi, delphinium flower
Del is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Del"
Delta - fourth
Demetria - earthly mother
Demi - earthly mother
Dena - destined
Denise is a follower of Dionysus
Denise is a follower of Dionysus
Denis is a follower of Dionysus
Denis is a follower of Dionysus
Derryl - by Erell
Despina - mistress
Destine - destiny, prosperous
Destiny - destiny, prosperous
Detta is an abbreviation for longer names ending in "detta"
Jadin - jade
Jazmine - jasmine flower
Jazmine - jasmine flower
Jakaline - the displacing
Jakalin - the displacing
Jaki - displacing
Jacinda - hyacinth flower
Jakki - displacing
Jacline - displacing
Jaclyn - the displacing
Jacobina - displacing
Jami - displacing
Jana is a good god
Janain is a good god
Janey is a good god
Janelle is a good god
Janet is good god
Jani is a good god
Janine is a good god
Janice is a good god
Dzhankis - kind and free
Janna is a good god
Jannain is a good god
Jannet is good god
Janel is a good god
Jasmine - jasmine flower
Jasmin - jasmine flower
Justy Fair
Justin's Fair
Jji is a peasant woman
Jewel is a gem
Jezebel - unclean, short
Jade - named gem
Jadene - Jade
Jamie - Displacing
Jane is a good god
Jinka is a good god
Janele is good god
Jainlla is a good god
Jannie - white and smooth
Janissa is good god
Jaynta is a good god
Jairri - Ruler of the Spear
Jackie - God is kind, displacing
Jacklin is the displacing
Jelissa - honey bee
Jemima - the dove
Gemma is a gem
Jen - white and smooth
Jena is white and smooth
Jenelle - white and smooth
Jenessa - white and smooth
Janie - white and smooth
Janice is a good god
Jennifer - white and smooth
Jenn - white and smooth
Jenna - white and smooth
Jenny - white and smooth
Jennika - white and smooth
Jennifer - white and smooth
Jera - year
Geraldine - ruler of the spear
Jeri - ruler of the spear
Jerry is the ruler of the spear
Jess - God sees
Jasmine - jasmine flower
Jessa - God knows
Jessai - God sees
Jessalyn - God sees
Jessamine - jasmine flower
Jessenia - God sees
Jesse - God knows
Jessica - God sees
Jetta - coal, black
Gilbert's Bail
Gilbertine - Bail
Geely - youth
Jill - youth
Jilly - youth
Gillian - youth
Jin is a good god, well born
Gina - Well Born
Gina is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Gina"
Ginevra - white and smooth
Jeanette is a good god
Ginetta is a good god
Ginger - virgin, virgin
Gini - good god, virgin, virgin
Genie is a good god
Jinnine is a good god
Ginny is a good god, virgin, virgin
Gypsy - fortune telling and nomadic life
Jita - fight, war
Joe is the one who adds
Joan is a good god
Joandra is a good god
Joanna is a good god
Joanne is a good god
Jobet - God is kind and God is my oath
Jodai - she will multiply
Jojo - she will multiply
Jody is good god
Jodaya is a good god
Jodyne - God is kind
Joel - Yahweh - God
Joetta is a good god
Jocelyn is a goth
Joseph - Multiplying
Josephine - multiplying
Joiss - Lord
Joy is joy
Joyce - Lord
Jocasta - purple, dyed
Joline is a good god
Jolie - happy
Jolene is a good god
Jonah is a good god
Jonel is a good god
Jonet is a good god
Joni is a good god
Jonna is a good god
Johnny is good god
Jordan - flowing down
Jordana - flowing down
George the peasant
Georgiana - a peasant woman
Georgine is a peasant woman
Georgina is a peasant
Georgia is a peasant
Jordin - flowing down
Georgette - a peasant woman
George is a peasant
Georginna - peasant woman
Jory - pearl
Joceline is a goth
Jocelyn - the surname passed into the first name, from the male name Josselingot
Jocet - multiplying
Josie - multiplying
Jos is a goth
Josseline is a goth
Josselyn is a goth
Josslyn is a goth
Jooney is good god
Johainn is a good god
Joey - joy
Judy is a woman of Judea
Judaya - woman of Judah
Judith is a woman of Judea
Julie - youth, young
Juliana - youth
Julianne - youth
Julianne - youth
Julia - youth
Jules - youth
Juliet - youth
Junifer - the name of the tree
Juno - Life Force
Justine - fair
Justis - justice
Jewell is a gem
Jade - jade
Jade - Jade
Jayden - Jade
Jadeon - jade
Jayla - jay
Jaylee - jay
Jame is the displacing
Jaima - the displacing
Jaimie the displacing
Jane is a good god
Jayna is a good god
Janey is good god
Jacklin - the displacing
Jan - Jane, Janet, Janice and other names starting with "Jan"
Jenny - white and smooth
Jerry is the ruler of the spear
Jesse - god sees
Jessica - God sees
Dee - divine, heavenly
Dee is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Dee"
Diamanda - diamond
Dian - divine, heavenly
Diana - divine, heavenly, good, grace
Dianna - divine, heavenly
Divina - like a goddess or from heaven
Didi - divine, heavenly
Dicks - tenth
Dixay - tenth
Dixie - tenth
Dimna - small deer
Dina is a spiritual observer, destined
Dinn - the doomed
Dinna - the doomed
Diiana - divine, heavenly
Long - thin, weak
Dodi - a gift from God
Dolley - a gift from God
Dolly is a gift from God
Dollaya is a gift from God
Dolly - a gift from God
Dolores - sadness
Domina - owned by the lord
Dominic - owned by the lord
Dominica - owned by the lord
Dona - lady or world ruler
Donell - World Ruler
Donna is the world ruler, lady
Donald - world ruler
Donaldina - World Ruler
Dora - a gift
Dorain - gift
Doreta - a gift
Dory is a gift
Doreen is a gift
Dorinda - a gift
Doreenne - stormy weather
Doris - Dorian's woman
Dorita - a gift
Dorothea - a gift from God
Dorothea - a gift from God
Dorothy is a gift from God
Dorris - Dorian's woman
Dorta is a gift from God
Dorty is a gift from God
Dot - a gift from God
Doty is a gift from God
Dotaya - a gift from God
Drea - human, warrior
Dreda - Noble Strength
Drusilla - strong
Duana - dark, black
Dools - lollipop and sweet
Dulsia - sweet
Dyan - divine, heavenly
Dale - Valley
Dana - from Denmark
Dayo - bringing joy

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