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Meaning of the name

Dmitry translated from ancient Greek means "dedicated to Demeter, the goddess of fertility and agriculture."


Outwardly, it reveals a resemblance to its mother. Frequent respiratory diseases (tonsillitis, flu, bronchitis) make Dima a sickly child. In childhood, the instability of the nervous system, moodiness, and increased demands on others are noticeable.

With age, Dima's health strengthens, and moodiness is reborn into stubbornness. Very strong-willed, can explode, it is difficult to communicate with him. Smart, persistent, inventive, not afraid of work.

Colleagues appreciate his sociability, the ability to easily experience setbacks. As a result, Dmitry is promoted in the service, especially successful in those professions where communication with people is necessary.

They adore cosiness, comfort, beautiful women and various pleasures. It is difficult for them to limit themselves in anything. To create the necessary level of comfort for Dmitry, his wife will have to puzzle a lot.

Dmitry is bold, charming and cruel. Rushing into battle, he rarely thinks about the consequences, for which he is often punished. Explosive, stubborn, strong-willed. He is very sociable, loyal to friendship, but it is difficult to get along with him.

Often the flight of imagination replaces reality. He will not achieve success in life if he is too talkative: it is difficult to find more red singers than the bearers of this name.

Mothers see in Dmitriy their unfulfilled dreams, and therefore spoil them. He is bold, charming. It is guided by logic, but it lacks diplomacy a little. Favorite saying: "Damn or lost!"

Proud, he strives to always and everywhere be the best and unsurpassed. Amorous. A new feeling captures him so strongly and completely that without much remorse he changes his sympathies.

Despite frequent remarriages, they retain a touching affection for children from previous marriages and continue to take care of them throughout their lives. The wife will have to come to terms with her husband's grumbling.

The mother enjoys great authority with Dmitriev. Moderately jealous. They are not averse to drinking, but they are not addicted to alcoholic beverages. A romantic attitude towards women persists until old age.


Dmitry is often unable to free himself from prejudices and misconceptions about sexuality. In this case, he will be disappointed and regretted about the lost years of youth. Such Dmitry can become a good and faithful husband.

Dmitry is not adventurous. He will not take risks, uncertainty and uncertainty terrify him. He tries to moderate his passions, suppress them with reason. One's own sexual behavior seeks to bring it in line with generally accepted moral standards.

As a rule, he tries to organize his personal life himself and in adulthood feels comfortable. He treats sex with caution, choosing an experienced mistress.

Many Dmitry never get married, remaining single for life. Dmitry is a man of moderate temperament, but he talks a lot about sex and listens about it with undisguised pleasure. For Dmitry, born in winter, love and sex are inseparable.

Dmitry loves his wife, helps her, but: inner isolation and inconsistency never leave him until old age. With his cold restraint, he tries to show disregard for sex, but romantic dreams do not leave him.

Dmitry knows no denial in women, sexually irresistible, heartthrob. He often changes partners, tries to do as much as possible. In marriage, he is fickle, he can marry several times, and each next marriage does not suit him. It is difficult to please him, in the family he is not only a leader, but also a dictator.

He does not tolerate objections, bickering, the slightest disobedience of anyone from the family drives him out of himself, he is irritable and unpredictable. But with his mistresses he is gentle and pleasant, and does not feel a lack of novels.



A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign

A lion.


The sound of the name Dmitry gives the impression of something courageous, loud, brave, big, bright, joyful.

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