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Meaning of the name

Denis translated from ancient Greek means "dedicated to Dionysus, the god of fun."


These boys are very sociable. Everyone in the area knows and loves them. On the way to school, Denis will share the breakfast prepared by his mother with all the dogs he meets. Buy him a puppy! Denis is very obligatory - you don't have to remind him to take the dog for a walk. At school he will manage to get both an "A" and a remark on behavior.

Usually Denis's mobility manifests itself at a very early age, he is restless, curious, loves all kinds of games, and often tries to join the games of older children.

At school, he often compensates for the lack of diligence and perseverance with the ability to quickly think and grasp information on the fly. However, it is enough for Denis to get infected with some interesting business, and it will be difficult for him to find a person more diligent! It is quite possible that his studies will not give him deep knowledge, but hardly anyone will have a reason to doubt Denis's erudition.

If in childhood his curiosity gets a good development, then a good scientist-encyclopedist may come out of him, who, unlike the "armchair" scientist, often has time to say his word in various fields. Those were Edison, Lomonosov and some others. Prone to respiratory illness.

He is a capable, assiduous and very neat person. Obstacles in life bypasses with ease, luck seems to be given to him along with the name. Loves hard work. Often collects something. Denis are principled and adamant, they like to impose ideas on those around them that are not of any interest to them. Are proud.

Often, the energy of the name incites Denis to all sorts of adventures, and his enthusiasm can be very infectious. He rarely seeks to subjugate people, but still he can draw his comrades along with him, which can make him a pretty sensible organizer.

The only pity is that when his enthusiasm fades away, he can easily give up the business halfway, not paying attention to the fact that those whom he once carried away continue to do business and even take offense at him.

I must say that a mobile and quick mind has only one danger - the temptation: in the event of a threat of punishment, quickly compose a folding lie. Having been seduced by this ease, Denis may one day find that he himself is no longer able to distinguish truth from fiction, which is why he will make many mistakes that provoke all sorts of troubles.

This can especially often manifest itself in relationships with women and in family life, especially since domestic troubles can dramatically increase the craving for alcohol. In short, a little caution, patience and commitment - these are the qualities that will help Denis succeed in almost any business and in any profession.

In the first marriage, they are often unlucky: their wives do not like their mother-in-law, the conflict relations that develop between them eventually affect the young family. Therefore, Denis and his future wife, before they register their marriage, need to seriously start looking for a separate apartment.

In choosing a wife, Denis is not devoid of selfish considerations. Drinks a little. Knows the account for money. He is not stingy, he will agree to almost any purchase, but under the indispensable condition that they first ask for his permission.

It is not so often that you can find a name, the specific meaning of which agrees so well with its energy, as it happens in the case of Denis. This name has a huge charge of love for life, mobility and a penchant for fun.

However, this is fun with some cunning, which is a little alarming. The bearer of this name, like, probably, no one else, needs to know the measure in the joys of life, because here, like with wine: it can cheer you up, and maybe drive you to madness.


Denis is affectionate and gentle, gladly gives a woman love, demanding nothing in return. However, he is incredibly jealous, and this is the reason for his intimate relationships. However, actively showing his sexual disposition, he has the ability to patiently tame his temperament, outbursts of jealousy.

Loves very extraordinary, sexy women with a good figure; knows how to make money and, without regret, spends it on his friends. He is not used to caring for them for a long time, he tries to avoid relationships that could lead to marriage. Denis loves erotic pleasures, he has a healthy attitude towards sex - as an essential part of courtship and love.

Denis experiences many novels in his youth, but rarely experiences deep feelings, his early marriage most often ends in divorce and a new hobby. In family life, he is very much hampered by the love of unlimited freedom, the desire for complete independence and independence.

Denis is not a fiery nature: in order for him to catch fire with a strong passion, a woman must be truly unique and, in any case, possess the entire arsenal of erotic techniques.

In marriage, it does not always realize itself sexually, the family union is based rather on mutual respect. More often boys are born. Denis can get married several times.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Denis gives the impression of something kind, light, hot, small, cheerful, active, joyful.

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