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Meaning of the name

Bella translated from Latin means "beautiful", "beauty".


When parents call their daughter that, they are sure that their daughter will grow up to be a beauty. Bella looks like her father, but with a stubborn character she went to her mother. She is principled and judicious, although she often acts impulsively.

An inquisitive girl, she studies well at school, loves to read, prefers fairy tales. She does not like to do housework.

She is in love, but, having married, she becomes an exemplary wife. Knows his own worth and is not averse to boasting. The masculine mentality masks with ostentatious femininity. She is sensitive and emotional, she chooses her husband for a long time, but her first marriage is short-lived. Bella is often childless or has only one son.

She is talkative and sociable, quickly makes new acquaintances. The hostess turns out to be unimportant from her, in the morning she likes to sleep a little longer, and she will cook dinner only if absolutely necessary.

She is impatient; for her, standing in line is worse than hard labor. This is the type of business woman with a good practical sense. There are many sales workers, teachers, economists among them. Fate does not spoil such people, but they do not lose heart and cope with life's adversities. Bella does not achieve great success and is content with little.

Bella loves to ask people riddles. If some kind of intricate intrigue arises, there is no doubt that the figure of this sweet, soft, seemingly very docile and gentle person will be in the center of it.

She never wishes any harm to anyone, but acts on human relations like a catalyst. Bella is sensitive and emotional, very sentimental, but at the right moment she is able to pull herself together, show firmness and determination.


Bella is an ideal friend, devoted, ingenuous, not demanding the impossible from a man. She is witty, easy to talk to, naturally holding on to any society. If he is really fond of a man, then everything is given to him, without a trace, does not play a double game.

In marriage, she is often unlucky, she either gets divorced or lives without love, out of a sense of duty. But she is almost never lonely, she finds a friend for herself quickly, but she cannot find consent with everyone in a sexual relationship.

Sex is not the last in Bella's life. She is sensual, curious, longing for new sensations. Bella is well-controlled, but in moments of intimacy, she discards all conventions. Her strong character attracts passive and indecisive men.

Bella tries to inspire them, protect them, "raise" them, she likes men who can be patronized, encouraged. With her, any man grows in his own eyes, and this makes her especially attractive to him.

Bella is usually pretty, she has the ability to tie a man to her, but her heart is completely defenseless against male infidelity, cruelty, deceit, and Bella has to suffer a lot.

She seems harsh to some men, but this is the wrong impression. Her kindness, hospitality and love of life are very attractive, the man feels somehow especially comfortable with this woman.

In sex, she is selfless, loves to command, but she does it with her natural naturalness. During love games, she enjoys telling her partner about her feelings and encouraging him.

Winning Bella's love is not as easy as it might seem; only a very intelligent man with a strong character is capable of subduing her. She herself knows how to talentedly mask her masculine mindset with ostentatious femininity.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Libra, Aquarius.


The sound of Bell's name gives the impression of something safe, cheerful, agile, fast, bright.

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