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Meaning of the name

Translated from ancient Greek means "blessed".


They are very kind, calm, albeit enthusiastic boys, parents have no trouble with them. They develop harmoniously, go in for sports. They study well at school, the teachers have no complaints about them. They love animals.

In adulthood, they are reasonable, do not do anything in a hurry, first they will think it over. Respected by friends. Very careful in business and obligatory. They do not like it when they are late for a meeting, and they themselves are also punctual.

Do not shun homework, help friends. They are brought up, as a rule, by one mother. In their free time, they can engage in the design of models of steamships, airplanes, cars. Their hard work should be especially noted.

Among the Benedicts are engineers, painters, sculptors, accountants, drivers, electricians, pedagogues, auto mechanics, scientists; they can become writers.

Getting married is not always successful, but they become good fathers. Benedict's hands are golden, they are unsurpassed masters in arranging their home. They are hospitable, they know how to entertain friends, they drive a car well, they do not trust anyone to repair it. Many of them are avid fishermen and mushroom pickers.


Benedict is delicate in sexual relations, he is very afraid of offending his partner, he tries to satisfy all her desires. Very worried when something does not work out. Several unsuccessful sexual contacts can cause deep depression in Benedict: he is very impressionable, receptive. He needs a partner who can support him in difficult times, show sensitivity and understanding.

For Benedict, sex is a way of expressing his identity. In intimate relationships, he tries to understand the psychology of his girlfriend, her attitude to sex, to determine her temperament and sexual training.

His intimate experience is limited, but that does not mean that Benedict does not like his partners. The most striking thing is that Benedict, having no special reason to be proud of his sexual achievements, is so gentle and affectionate that sometimes a woman is inclined to consider him a Don Juan.

At the first meeting of Benedict with his chosen one, a psychological barrier may arise due to his appearance, style of clothing, but Benedict's charm conquers a woman in a matter of minutes, making her feel incredible attraction to him. His manners, ability to conduct small talk attracts persons of the opposite sex and dispose them to intimate relationships.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Cancer, Gemini, Sagittarius.


The sound of the name Benedict gives the impression of something good, strong, loud, active, bright, joyful.

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