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Almast - diamond, divine moon, peak of divinity
Amalia - unsullied, pure
Anahit - heart, breath of goodness, happiness, good
Anush - breath of the morning, sweet
Araxia - Protection, Sacred Watch
Arevik - sun, sacred movement
Arpenik - sun, holy protection
Arus - solar
Astghik is a star, a rising star
Ashkhen - heavenly

Gayane - home, family

Egine - aspiring to the sun

Zarui, Zara - Priestess of the Fire Temple

Karine - glorifying, rejoicing

Manushak - violet, human eye
Melanya - meeting

Naira - free
Nana - mom
Narine - woman, wife
Nune - praising

Parandzem - similar to the dazzling supreme deity

Repsime - beyond praise

Satenik - true doe, amber
Sate - true, divine
Seda - slothfulness, exhaustion, tender

Tatevik - the path of ancestors

Shahane - kind, pious, meek, pious
Shoger, Shoghik - beauty, splendor, shine
Shushan - lily, beauty

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