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Meaning of the name

The name Antonina (Nar. Antonida) is a female form from the name Anton, derived from the Roman family name Antonius. Translated from Latin means: "extensive", "acquisition", "comparison" and "adversary", from Greek - "acquiring in return."


This name contains, as it were, two names: Tonya and Nina. Calling the child Tonya, the parents instill in her friendliness, gaiety, good nature. But the older she gets, the stronger the second part manifests itself - Nina: bearing authority and prudence.

If the parents are cheerful and carefree, they will not allow these negative qualities to manifest themselves; if they are mercantile, Antonina will grow up to be overly pragmatic, collected and balanced.

In childhood, the girl Antonina shows tendencies to lead and command. She likes to be a teacher for the youngest children, and they gladly obey her. She is kind, generously forgiving the pranks of her sponsors. Adults trust Antonina of small children, and she does not deceive trust.

At home Antonina is my mother's first assistant. She takes care of her younger brothers and sisters, is able to cook a delicious dinner, clean the apartment, go to the store to shop. Studying is given to Antonina not without difficulty, but she is responsible, persistent and good grades are not uncommon for her.

Can get the specialty of a teacher, educator, doctor, dressmaker. She has good organizational skills, but in the position of a leader, she may show despotic traits.

Antonina is constantly surrounded by many fans, and in relations with them she is carefree and does not bother herself to be faithful to someone alone. Having married, she turns into an exemplary keeper of the family hearth.

All her forces and thoughts are aimed at ensuring happiness and prosperity in the family. For the sake of preserving the family, she is ready to endure the antics of her drunken husband, put up with her husband's infidelity.

Disposed to lung diseases, respiratory diseases. Weak nervous system. In his youth, he often undergoes appendicitis operations. She is touchy, often cries, does not know how to forgive insults, which is also associated with a mental disorder. Has a tendency to be overweight. Attention should be paid to the joints, especially the knees. Winter sports should be practiced with caution.

The fate of Antonina is often not very easy and smooth, although she always carries with her kindness, tenderness and reliability. Usually Antonina is bright, joyful, light and brave, although these signs are not so obvious. As a rule, Antonina is sincere, open and easily hurt. They like to cry for her, to relieve her soul, but she tactfully keeps her problems to herself.

Runs from reality to endless dreams. Prone to mental depression. Reflection tears her tender soul apart.

Extraordinary intuition. Knows how to solve dreams. However, it easily lends itself to someone else's influence. She lacks self-confidence. Synthetic type of thinking contributes to success in life.


Sexuality is weak. Sex for her represents the area that scares her. Well folded, with soft lines, lyrical. Soft confidence and solidity of solid and flowing shapes. Reliance on the inner level adjusts to patronage and external manifestation, commensurate with this level.

Antonina is constantly surrounded by many fans. In a relationship with them, she is carefree, does not bother herself to be faithful to someone alone. Antonina Dmitrievna has increased sexuality.

The concept of morality means nothing to her. She simply excludes for herself any moral responsibility whatsoever.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Fish, Taurus, Leo.


The sound of the name Antonin gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, kind, majestic, loud, brave, big, bright, joyful.

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