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Many people sooner or later come to the conclusion that it is time to stop working for someone else and start your own business. Just 15 years ago, this simple teacher decided to start his own business.

Today he is known as the founder of the large Internet company "Alibaba Group", and his fortune exceeds $ 29 billion. He gives advice to aspiring businessmen that will help them on the thorny path to success.

Seek opportunities everywhere. You cannot be short-sighted looking for opportunities for yourself. You must try to capture the whole picture of your financial and professional activities. And after the map has already been drawn up, one must not forget to carefully study all its corners. Perhaps there is a previously unnoticed potential hidden there.

Consider all options. You should not sort the opportunities, clinging to them labels of impossible or unworthy - you need to use all the chances. If there is room for action, then every effort must be made to achieve a result. Moving towards a big goal is impossible without small victories.

Work with meaning. You need to clearly understand the current situation and what you want in general. Is it worth asking yourself what is worth working on? Why strive for this particular goal? What else is required to complete the plan?

Act without delay. To be successful, you must win the race. But this does not mean that you have to constantly rush somewhere, without looking around. Sometimes, in order to gain time, you just need to choose the right direction of movement. And let the strategy be flexible, then it will be possible to adjust your actions in case of possible failures.

Don't get hung up on circumstances. Many do not even try to start a business, complaining about fate, family, poor education and lack of experience. We must believe that success can be achieved in the chosen activity, regardless of the circumstances. It is not important who and where you started to work, but how much stamina and endurance you showed on the way to the goal and whether there is a winning spirit.

Channel ambition in the right direction. Our activity should help to realize ambitions. It is worth focusing on your goal and moving towards it, without stopping or turning to the side.

Be bold. When the billionaire was just starting work on his Internet project "Alibaba", investors were in no hurry to cooperate with him, warning of the probable loss of the project. However, the Chinese decided to take a chance and guessed right. Today his company is one of the most prosperous in the world, with a capitalization of $ 230 billion. The best way to show courage is to chase your own ambition.

Youth is a chance. The businessman assures that if a person has not become rich by the age of 35, it means that he wasted his youth. Energy and imagination, in full swing during these years, help to achieve the set goals. In the future, everything will become more complicated.

Gather your own team and unite it with a single goal. Jack Ma assures that success cannot be achieved if the unifying element of the team is only its leader. He needs like-minded people who will follow one goal, live by one idea and create a common mission. If each employee works not for the sake of the boss, but for the sake of a single task, then this will make it possible to use the potential of colleagues to the maximum.

Prepare yourself a replacement. Don't try to be irreplaceable. The team should become independent of you over time. Let subordinates develop the skills that their leader has. It is worth teaching them this. This will give you the opportunity to transfer some of your functions to your team someday. Over time, it will be possible to entrust her with the management of the entire project, and do something else herself.

Work with people who are more professional than yourself. If you have to constantly give your employees and specialists advice, then the wrong people were hired. They should be more qualified than you in their specialty. The task of a businessman is to hire real professionals and provide them with all conditions for work. Then you won't have to interfere in the form of advice.

Be courageous, strong-willed and forward-thinking. A good leader is distinguished from a mediocre leader by courage, resilience and the ability to see the situation several steps ahead. Where others only see problems and risks, the leader must identify opportunities. There are times when the team is ready to surrender and retreat. The leader needs to show his will in such a position, to find leads for solving problems. He must inspire the team to continue moving towards the goal. This is the only way to achieve really significant results.

Perseverance is the key to success. Moving towards the goal, the team will have to overcome many obstacles. Sometimes they appear already at the very beginning of the movement, it is very important not to lose heart at this moment. Let that longed-for goal serve as a beacon. Through perseverance, it will be possible to break through any obstacles and achieve what you want.

Attitude is more important than ability. At any time, difficult or favorable, the leader needs to remain calm, purposeful and confident. If you are at the bottom and do not see the top itself, then it will be easy to get scared and turn back. But you can, after all, over time look at the top from the heights already reached. The achievement of the goal depends on the attitude of the management.

Make decisions based on common sense. It should be understood that a leader may not be a genius, who is always smarter than his subordinates. A leader should recruit strong professionals into his team and do not hesitate to turn to them for advice in difficult situations or when working out a solution. Qualified employees will help you calculate all the risks and choose the best strategy. And it would be better to slowly work out the plan, having considered all the risks and nuances, than to create a large-scale "raw" project and quickly fail with it.

Business cannot be confused with politics. If you imagine capital as a barrel of gunpowder, then politics is a burning match. If you try to combine both of them, the consequences will be unpredictable. When developing a business, forget about trying to influence politics. If there are ambitions to go to power, then it is better to forget about business. The point is that consistency is the key to success.

Resilience is the result of overcoming difficulties. Being aware of the difficulties ahead and being ready for them mean nothing in itself. Resilience is developed only as a result of overcoming obstacles. The tests will make the leader efficient and resilient.

You have to work harder and harder than others. Do you want to be a little better and a little more successful? You will have to work harder, be attentive and not forget about your goal. And this simple principle works no matter what the person is doing.

Even in competition, you should stick to fair rules. If you treat your competitors as enemies, then you should be prepared for the fact that soon you yourself will become an enemy in their eyes. And there will be only irreconcilable opponents around. Let the competition be fair and open. Then it will be easier to win based on clear and transparent rules.

Respect your competitors. You need to learn to treat competing companies as respectfully as you treat your own business. A fair fight leaves everyone an equal chance. Competitors are the same people who are prone to mistakes. But you shouldn't underestimate and not respect them. It happens that those who have not been noticed before are ahead of the favorites.

Behave on an equal footing with competitors. Just like ourselves, our rivals started somewhere. So even if your company is young and promising, you should behave on an equal footing when dealing with the “mastodons” of the market. After all, each of you is an equal participant.

Winners don't cry. Failures happen to everyone. They cause irritation and depression, but complaining about life and discouragement is a sign of a loser. Anyone will have difficulties and problems, but instead of complaining about rock, you need to direct all your efforts to solving problems. You can achieve success not with tears, but with hard work.

The client is the most important thing. Any leader has little time and energy, so it's worth prioritizing. Customers should always come first, and colleagues second. Only after the interests of the former and the latter are observed, it will be possible to pay attention to shareholders. Many businessmen make the mistake of caring primarily about shareholders. But practice shows that such resource allocation turns out to be ineffective.

You can't put money at the forefront. People start their projects not only for the sake of money, but because they want to satisfy their spiritual needs and realize their intellectual potential. On the way to the goal, you must be guided by your ambitions, and not chase after profit. Greed will push you from the chosen path, you cannot succumb to it. With determination, money will appear over time.

Work with comfortable people. When hiring an employee, you need to pay attention not only to his professional data, but also to communication skills. A person's powerful mind does not guarantee that it will be possible to work with him. If you hire a great experienced deputy, it may soon turn out that he simply has no trust. And how, then, to build effective connections? And a solid resume says little about whether a person is ready to grow and develop with the company. We need to hire those with whom you are comfortable. Only then it will be possible to grow specialists of the required level from them.

Free is very expensive. Do not get carried away with promotions for the free distribution of your products. And information should be shared with competitors carefully. It should be understood that the free provision of its resources deprives the company of profits. Thus, the money spent on the development of their ideas and their implementation is thrown into the air. Opponents can just get intellectual property. Altruism can be too expensive for an enterprise.

Think with your own head. What is important is not what they are trying to convey to us, but what is in our head. You need to constantly reflect on everything around, draw conclusions and make decisions based on your own point of view.

Listen to your heart. This advice does not contradict the previous one. Sometimes you should trust decisions based on your intuition. She will help in the selection of personnel, in the setting of strategic objectives. One can be very surprised at how correct the decision was made with the heart, not the mind.

Remember to enjoy life. Our life is not only work. Who wants to devote himself only to the race for the result and die ahead of time from a heart attack in the workplace? That is why it is necessary to find time and give rest to both the soul and the body. Would it be bad to spend time with family and friends, spend it on your favorite pastime, travel? If you devote your whole life to work alone, then it will be too late to regret it later.

The worst thing is giving up ambition. When we leave something unfinished and admit defeat, we practically give up a piece of ourselves. After giving up a dream, we will not be able to find out what we are really capable of. It is worth changing your strategy and adjusting your goals if necessary. But you can never give up!

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